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Since 1985 Blue Ridge POS, LLC has provided the Outdoor Power Equipment and Agricultural Industry with POS LINKER, a powerful, easy to learn and easy to use Point-of-Sale Software System that can link all the functions of a business operation together.

We provide a wide range of product offerings from simple, single user software, to large, multi-store turnkey systems incorporating all the latest hardware and software operating systems. Our current systems are based on a combination of the Real/32™ Operating System as the basic platform for POS LINKER, along with a combination of workstations running Windows XP Professional, Windows 2003 Server, and thin client terminals.

Systems can be connected via simple local area networking (LAN). For multiple locations, wide area networking (WAN) is used. By using a combination of Network Security Appliances and hardware routers that employ Virtual Private Networking (VPN), privacy and security are maintained for mission critical systems. We offer the latest in RAID hard drive storage capability to help minimize data loss, and high speed USB 2.0 external hard drives for daily file back up. For truly fault tolerant systems we can also add dual power supplies to help prevent failure from power loss.

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