Hardware Systems & Requirements

Software performance and function is dependent upon stable and reliable hardware. In configuring systems for our customers, we offer a combination of hardware systems from custom built servers to off-the-shelf PCs from well recognized manufacturers. With years of experience in the business computer industry, Blue Ridge POS, LLC has learned which manufacturers provide the most reliable components with the best prices.

Blue Ridge POS, LLC highly recommends that we supply the system servers. Peripheral components and internal optional equipment are often different for business requirements than the average home user. In the outdoor power industry, larger storage space and high performance disks are needed. With the need for larger disks, there is also a need for a reliable method to back up critical data files and daily business information. To accomplish this, we have developed a Windows server platform that provides for RAID 0/1 protection built into the server. This system consists of multiple disks that are mirrored. Data is written simultaneously to a minimum of two hard drives in what is known as hot swap technology. We install a third disk in the array that is known as a “hot spare.” Should either of the disks fail, a warning of the failure is provided, with the “hot spare” automatically brought into service, and the failed drive taken out of the array. This allows the Systems Administrator to remove the failed drive at a convenient time and replace it, providing a new “hot spare.”

In order to protect against catastrophic data loss from fire or other disasters, we recommend and install fully automatic, comprehensive server back up solutions. By connecting high speed USB external drives, a complete “image” of the system server can be made on a daily basis. Providing this type of back up insures against loss of data and allows us to restore system functionality quickly in event of hardware failure.

For standard desktop workstations and counter systems, we offer custom built Windows based systems. Custom built workstations can have the same high performance power found in system servers. However, by taking advantage of the power of the system server (Usually having a 3.0 GHz CPU or higher, with single or multiple processors), less powerful local workstations can all have the same performance. Site licensing is less expensive than purchasing individual copies of business software. Configuration of individual workstations across the LAN can speed up deployment and reduce the time it takes to install and maintain individual packages.

For parts and cashier checkout counters we offer Thin Clients , which provide high performance at a lower per station cost when used in a server environment. These units do not have any internal disk drives installed and the operating system is embedded in Read Only Memory (ROM). These stations are used primarily for processing sales and/or service invoice tickets. All applications are run on the server, with no local storage. Printers can be connected, and with the new Windows 2003 or 2008 servers, sound and high quality video are available to the local desktop. With no moving parts, these units are very reliable.

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