Its now Summer 2017 and our changes we have been working on for the last year have become even more stable and we have implemented Linker on Linux for many of our customers as well as some new ones. We are satisfied with the Linux on Linker application but now we are working on a newer program for the newer generation for a browser based graphics friendly P.O.S. Linker program. Stay tuned!


Its October 2016 and there are a lot of changes coming soon from Blue Ridge Point Of Sale…

Firstly, Our Linker on Linux product is stable and is in production at several of our customers now. Dewey had to program in Machine Language to get it finalized and operating flawlessly. Now your Point of Sale Experience can truly be off and away from Windows Operating systems. PartSmart is the only obstacle left to being 100% weaned from Microsoft. Actually there are ways around that if you use their web service or just go straight to the manufacturers websites. But our work around for PartSmart is that we can run it on virtually Windows XP for free as there are no licensing fees for XP. The only problem with XP is that we are seeing more printers which don’t support XP.

Secondly, We are improving our website experience, especially for our customers, so they may be able to interact with us and each other to trade tips and secrets for maximizing profits with P.O.S. Linker. There is a register button on our forums page at

Feel free to browse around the site to find more information on the latest deals as well as our recommendations, and F.A.Q.

We have new deals and sales on systems / packages / upgrades available on our sales page at

This will be a good place to check back for the latest price list updates information as well.





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