In addition to providing POS LINKER, Blue Ridge POS, LLC offers custom data conversion, custom POS LINKER invoice design, custom accounting reports (through Crystal Reports), network design and complete consulting for all computer operations.

Crystal Reports is a powerful report generator that can accept data collected by POS LINKER and turn that data into meaningful information to help customize your business reporting functions. This product is an optional software item and works seamlessly with both POS LINKER and Peachtree Accounting software.


Systems Installation

POS LINKER can be installed in a stand alone configuration on a customers PC system and can be performed by the customer with assistance from Blue Ridge POS, LLC. However, for optimum performance and minimal start up problems, it is highly recommended to have one of our trained systems engineers perform this function.

In the event the customer chooses to purchase a complete, turnkey system, POS LINKER is installed by Blue Ridge POS, LLC staff. For completely new systems, software is pre-loaded on the server, installed and tested, and all hardware is run continuously for a minimum of 48 hours to assure an easy onsite installation with minimal interference to the customer’s busy schedule. Installations often take place after hours, allowing the customer to pay attention to normal business activities. When configuring network systems, pre-wiring (and testing) is done in advance of equipment delivery. This allows for rapid set up and fine tuning of all system parameters. Working closely with the customer allows us to perform a much smoother installation.

In upgrading or trading out older systems, we attempt to utilize as many of the customer’s existing computers and peripherals as possible. As part of our service, we check each existing system to insure it is up to specification and install any recommended operating system patches.



Networking allows all the computers in the customer’s business to take advantage of high performance system servers while maintaining the ability for each person who needs personal computing to do their own work locally. As technology improves, adding to or replacing the system server is more cost effective than trying to replace every computer in the network. With computer performance continuing to improve along with more stable operating systems, the performance that can be achieved by purchasing new system servers is better amortized and more easily justified. By incorporating system and file sharing over the network, not every computer needs to have a printer. Faster networks and access to the Internet provide the customer with better information and data to help improve decision making, thereby optimizing expenses and increasing profit margins.



Without proper training, the best software and programs in the world will not provide the benefit customers need in order to improve their business. Training has always been one of the areas upon which Blue Ridge POS, LLC has focused and excelled. Each system is delivered with a level of training that is appropriate to an individual customer’s needs to maximize their performance. Training is discussed from the very beginning phases of negotiations and continues through to completion. Only that amount of training necessary to make the user comfortable is provided. Additional training is available at any time.

During the initial period following installation, Blue Ridge POS, LLC maintains close contact in order to insure the customer is comfortable with the system. In each location, at least one employee is generally designated as the Systems Administrator and is given extra attention. Our goal is to become a partner with our customers for all their computing needs.

With follow up software maintenance, depending upon the level of need, customers have access either through the Internet, via e-mail, or directly by phone for ongoing support. The Customer Support section provides additional information on our service policy.


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