Software Overview

Major POS Linker System Features


  • Combine parts, service and complete goods on the same invoice with full departmental breakdown
  • Look up customers by name, phone number or account
  • Create new customers at point-of-sale
  • Partial part number look-up
  • 999 line capability per invoice
  • Comments anywhere on invoice
  • Ship to and delivery directions on any invoice
  • Seven tax rates supported
  • Store invoices as quotes
  • List customers equipment during invoice
  • Switch printers at end of invoice routine
  • Process invoice without printing
  • Reprint invoice anytime

Inventory Control

  • Thirty-six month sales history by month for each item tracked
  • EDI capable
  • Suggests orders electronically
  • Barcode scanning and printing
  • Automatic retail or distributor pricing by customer and manufacturer
  • Seven tier price markup with minimum retail and cost factor override by manufacturer
  • Vendor price list upload including UPC bar code numbers and machine usage list
  • Seven prices on each part or manual override
  • Serialized inventory system with attachments management
  • Purchase order system with back order control

Service Orders

  • Pre-coded and pre-priced job order items.
  • Imports unit data from sales/service history
  • Full reporting of service orders by status
  • Parts inventory dedicated to service orders in real time
  • All service orders are saved for future reference until you decide to delete them


  • Fully integrated with audit trail
  • Complete Chart of Accounts customized for your business
  • Interfaces with popular accounting and reporting packages
  • Employee, parts service and complete goods sales tracking

System Performance

  • Multi-user DOS and Windows compatible
  • Integrates with on-screen parts look-up software
  • PartSmart seamless interface
  • Visual display of inventory on PartSmart image.
  • Single or multi-user capable with multitasking
  • Multiple store support
  • Multilevel passwords for protection
  • Over 100 printers per system possible
  • Light bar menus for point-and-shoot
  • Data entry windows
  • Full color with graphics
  • Event driven by function keys for speed
  • Help system on-screen
  • Compact program — Under 2 MB disk space per user on POS LINKER server
  • Instantly switch between windows and POS LINKER on all networked stations
  • Multiple live store locations through Internet or dedicated line

Operating Systems Software

Blue Ridge POS, LLC offers platforms that contain a combination of both a multiuser DOS operating system as well as Windows. For single user systems, POS LINKER can be installed on any Windows platform that supports DOS programs. For multiuser systems, we provide a multiuser DOS platform operating system called Real/32. This system will allow up to 100 users per system without additional licensing fees. The system is used in world-wide applications and offers one of the most reliable platforms available. The system rarely crashes and in the unlikely event that it does, can be quickly rebooted. For multi-user platforms, we utilize a custom built PC server that hosts POS LINKER. With the proper software, any Windows based computer can access POS LINKER over the network, or through the Internet.

With the world-wide popularity of Windows, Blue Ridge POS, LLC has integrated the latest Windows technology into its system design. We custom build Windows servers and use the most reliable hardware available today. Some of the reasons for embracing the Windows environment is to provide easier LAN access and connections, better security through password protection, wider selection of additional office software and secure Internet access. With secure Internet access, we can connect additional store locations for a customer. With POS LINKER a customer can connect up to 26 different locations in a live operation. With a simple click, a user can switch from store to store and check inventory or run reports. By using hardware routers that employ firewall protection and through the use of the latest antivirus software, users can minimize the potential threat of someone trying to hack into their computer system.

Data protection and transfer of sensitive information is further protected through the use of Virtual Private Networking (VPN). This provides a secure tunnel through either an Internet connection or a direct dial up link from store to store. For those customers who have high speed access, remotely accessing additional locations is basically transparent in their operation.

Blue Ridge POS, LLC is actively pursuing development of POS LINKER running in a windows environment. The core product is being ported so that it can be compiled to run under either Microsoft Windows, or the Linux platform. One of the main reasons to utilize Linux is lower cost, and according to a lot of individuals in the professional world, a much more stable operating system. Both the initial cost and additional licenses are much less than Windows. By employing an open license concept whereby the operating system is constantly upgraded and improved by the users, and based on the original UNIX operating system, Linux is enjoying rapid acceptance by the business community. In our opinion, competition is good when it comes to this subject.

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